Your name is John you are 19 years old, short and slim but beside this a rather average boy. You live a normal live with a few friends. Unfortunately after turning 18 years old you had an disputation with your parents. You basically have no contact with them anymore and you're not even sure if they know where you live. If you would die for any reason, they would probably don't even know about it. Beside those problems you study at the local university and you have a small apartment your grandma left you before she died. You don't have to pay anything for it which is the only reason you managed to survive on your own. The good thing is, you are completely independent and you can do whatever you want. Even if you could bring all kind of Girls to your apartment you aren't really successful. To be honest, you are a still a virgin and you are a little ashamed about it. Of course you don't speak with anyone about it and you live. Since a few weeks you developed a new fetish which makes you even more ashamed about yourself. It is all about effeminate boys getting feminized and humiliated. You think about it as a fantasy and don't even think about doing something similar in real life, but the thought about it makes you more exited then any other Porn categories you were into before